Three Ways to Slim Down Besides Diet and Exercise

Three Ways to Slim Down Besides Diet and Exercise

It is widely believed that diet and exercise are the best ways to lose weight. Restricting food intake and burning calories with physical activity help to create the caloric deficit that usually results in slimming down. Perhaps you are sticking to a diet and fitness plan, but you’re interested in other ways to lose weight. Here are some tips that may help you shed some extra pounds.  

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Getting Rest

Getting enough rest is as essential to health as diet and exercise. A lack of sleep hinders weight loss by causing your cortisol a stress-triggered hormone, to spike. This signals your body to conserve energy as if you were awake, causing it to hold onto fat. Sleep deprivation also negatively impacts your body’s ability to process fats from your bloodstream, leading to storage as body fat. Resting in and of itself doesn’t cause weight loss, but a lack of it will definitely inhibit reaching your fitness goals.

Cleansing the Colon

Low fiber foods move through your digestive tract much slower than high fiber foods. The excess mucus produced by low fiber foods can stick to the walls of your large intestine, ultimately weighing it down with extra pounds of decaying fecal matter. Colon cleansing helps by not only getting rid of the fecal matter, but also by jumpstarting your body’s metabolism. Consider adding products like the best colon cleanse for weight loss to your regimen.

Silencing Distractions

Many people eat meals while watching TV or playing video games. It’s easy to lose track of how much food you’ve eaten while watching a show, resulting in overeating.  Studies have shown that people who eat while distracted consume up to 10{506c0977c364416795919e9d0b6c6a555b587493224c69a14696c72414f8d19c} more food. The extra calories add up and work against your efforts.

For many of us, losing weight and reaching recommended fitness goals is a constant struggle. Consistent diet and regular exercise can help, but it doesn’t hurt to find some other ways to keep the weight off. Getting rest, keeping the colon cleansed and eating without electronic distractions are just a few tips you should follow.

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