Things to Consider When Looking for an Orthodontist

Things to Consider When Looking for an Orthodontist

Orthodontic care is an essential aspect of dental care, regardless of age. Therefore, there are several things to consider before entering into a long-term, professional relationship with an orthodontic health care partner.

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The first thing to consider when looking into an orthodontist baton rouge is the location. You want to find a practitioner who is close to home and work, allowing for flexibility in appointments and schedules.

Hours of Operation

To ensure flexibility, you will want to ensure that the hours of operation coincide with your own schedule. If you work late, or if your children play sports after school, then you will want to find an orthodontist that has a later schedule.


As with any medical professional, you should verify an orthodontist’s credentials with professional associations and state licensing boards. The American Association of Orthodontists is an excellent place to start your research.


There are times in life when things don’t go according to plan and emergencies happen. You want to make sure that your orthodontist has a plan for emergency situations. Does the orthodontist have a prearrangement with a colleague or emergency referral service?


As orthodontic treatment often requires surgery, it is a good idea to discuss anesthesia with any potential orthodontist. Make sure that either they are certified to administer such treatment or that they have someone on staff who is. 


Next, you will want to consider the specifics surrounding costs. First, is the orthodontist associated with your dental plan? Second, do they provide transparent information about fees and payment plans? Also, will they provide estimates for different procedures if you want to shop around? It is necessary to go into a relationship with your eyes wide open.

An orthodontist is often a necessary part of dental care. However, don’t just pick a professional at random. Contact a professional association and ask questions.

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