Can Psychiatry and Neuroscience Peacefully Coexist?

Can Psychiatry and Neuroscience Peacefully Coexist?

Neuroscience is often thought of as the scientific study of the brain and all it’s working chemicals, neurons, and other parts. Because of the genetic and chemical components included in this science, it is thought to be an interdisciplinary field of study. When you add specialty studies such as biology, chemistry, and psychology, there are sure to be many conflicting theories for any one given set of circumstances. Such is the beginning of new thought.


Two Sides of the Same Science

Many papers have been written lately on the battle between brilliant minded individuals over psychiatry in neuroscience. One of the main problems is that psychology studies the nervous system only in as much as it deals with the physical structures and alters behavior. Neuroscience, on the other hand, studies the chemical reactions and how they change the body, but largely ignore the emotional and mental behaviors that can be associated with those alterations. Rather than looking at the whole picture, each side believes they have the answer to any given issue.


The Battle Rages On

It has long been known that chemical changes alter moods, actions, and thought. The changes can cause phenomena like panic attacks, associative disorders, anxiety. Each of these issues is a symptom of a million chemical reactions taking place within the brain and neural pathways. As neuroscience looks at the chemicals, psychiatry looks at the resulting phenomena. The trouble is, in their respective field of study, the results they come up with are correct – but they are also incorrect.


The Whole Truth Is Out There

Realizing that neither field of study could exist without the other would probably shock many of the brilliant minds that argue for one side or the other. Without psychiatry in the field of neuroscience, the mental and physical study of an individual will always be incomplete. The truth is, both sciences need each other to find the whole truth of any scientific study.

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